• Electric Bike suppliers


    AGE:: 36

    ETHNICITY:: African

    Z-SIGN:: Aries

    Model: KOKO-1 Black Explorer KOKO-1 is a brand new electric scooter especially designed for urban commuters. Slim and lightweight frame painted with fashionable colors; high standard damping system increased stability; powerful motor and strong battery…

  • Kst401 factory


    AGE:: 36

    ETHNICITY:: African

    Z-SIGN:: Taurus

    Technical parameters: 1. Electrical parameters: 16A 250V 锝? 2. Operating temperature range: 5 鈩冿綖 45 鈩? 3. Electric strength: 2000V 锝?1min, no breakdown and flashover; 4. Insulation resistance: 鈮?100m 惟; 5. Service life: 100000 cycles; 6. Temperature…

  • Teddy baby


    AGE:: 23

    STAGE NAME/NAME:: TeddyLong

    ETHNICITY:: White

    Z-SIGN:: Cancer

    I’m a young stud trying to find his way through life! Anything you wanna know just ask I’m an open book ?